Services available in Sheffield

Speak to your GP

If you are concerned about a genetic disorder or disability within your extended family and how it might affect you, please speak to your GP.

Print out a leaflet and take it with you. Your GP may refer you to the Regional Genetics Service, part of Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Genetics Services at Sheffield Children’s Hospital

The Regional Genetics Service offers specialist genetic counselling and advice. They may also be able to offer tests to identify some recessive conditions and new tests are rapidly becoming available. Referral into the Regional Genetics Service is through your GP. Your health visitor and midwife can also refer you to this service.

A Genetics Outreach Worker works closely with the Genetic Counselling team and is able to provide information in English, Urdu (اردو ) and Punjabi.

If you would like to speak to someone about your family history and a possible referral to the Genetics Service please contact:

Noshee Zameer, Genetics Outreach Worker
Sheffield Children’s Hospital. Tel: 07774828184